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Church piano sounds terrible unless "Original Sounds for Musicians" is on.


When streaming our church service, the sound from the piano/organ is tinny and drops out unless i turn on the "Original sound for musicians" option.  When that happens the piano/organ sounds better but then you hear a muffled wind sound when people are speaking.  I have to turn OFF the "Original sound for musicians" option while people are speaking.


The piano has a piano mic attached to the under side of the piano for better quality.  Voice mics is a 4 mic Shure wireless setup.  All new and installed professionally.  


Is there a way to get the piano/organ to sound better at the same time the voice being clear without having to turn ON/OFF the option for musicians?  


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Unfortunately, not.

With Original Sound ON, which is required when instruments are playing, the audio suppression algorithms are turned-off. You don't notice it at the time because you're enjoying the music that is coming through beautifully. But, once they stop playing, if suppression is still off (Original Sound ON) then all you hear is the ambient noise in the room.

In this case it is necessary to actively manage the state of Original Sound for Musicians.

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Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen