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Change calendar first day of the week to monday


Hello, in the rest of the world the first day of the week is monday. How do I change that in the calendar when scheduling a meeting



I would also like to know this. Several times now we have mis-scheduled due to this! Convention in South Africa is Monday is the first day, not Sunday


Same problem.  When I wrote about it, Vince at ***********
He wrote back for screenshot(s) and more information, and when I replied I got another error: "No case created - Email not valid for case creation".
The zoom default calendar presumes in error that every user must want their calendars to begin their Workweeks on Sundays like were in 1524.
Nowadays, since the industrial revolution and labor movement of the centuries gone by, many of us working people begin our calendar weeks on Monday.
That's why we call the Workweek, or bankers' hours, the Court's week etc, that section of the week that most people work, beginning on Mondays, and ending on Fridays. We've won something called a "Weekend", meaning Saturday and Sunday, where most workers don't work during the week. In fact, Federal Labor laws require extra pay for most workers who are required to work on Weekends instead of the Workweek for their wage calculations.
If you look at the second attachment, my google calendar permits me to update my calendar display settings so I am hip and cool and up to date with folks in about 1900 with my Workweek beginning on Monday, ending on Friday, and my Weekends being Saturday and Sunday.
I've searched settings several times, and this is at least the 4th time I've asked zoom to fix this.