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Captions are yellow, can I change that?


Hi, I think there's been an update to Zoom and suddenly the captions are in yellow text. I work with people who often have visual processing difficulties and it's really hard to read yellow on grey. Is there a way to change the captions to be white, or even better to be black text on a white background?



My captions on the latest updates are white, with a black background, and that's fine for our group (we're hard of hearing), but when I record the meeting the captions are white with no background,s o they are essentially invisible if someone is sharing a PowerPoint with a white background ...and partially invisible anytime part of the screen behind the captions is light colored.   I'm looking for an option to change the color of the background behind captions and the color of the captions, themselves, so each host can set up a scheme that works without worrying about what's behind the captions.


Did you find a fix for this? I am experiencing thew same issue. I would like white text on a black box but it is white text over the ppt so is unreadable.