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Canon G7X M3, Video keeps stopping every few seconds


Hi Folks


I have a strange issue with Zoom Meetings, where my video stops every few seconds. I can click the "Start Video" button and it comes right back on, every single time.


I tested Zoom a few nights ago with just 1 meeting, just for me open, and only my video feed in the meeting.

so, the loneliest meeting in the world, but just for the purposes of testing the webcam to see if it would cut out when in a zoom meeting on my own.


I left this meeting open with my webcam on for several hours, playing around with the whiteboards and other zoom bits and not once did the webcam cut-out. It all worked perfectly.


The camera only cuts out every few seconds when anybody else is in the meeting. Any zoom meeting with 1 or more other people in the meeting and the camera feed keeps stopping.


There are no app crashes, no pop ups, no security restrictions. I've checked over every article here on the Zoom support and double-checked every possible setting the articles mention but can find nothing


A reinstall doesnt resolve it either. I just cannot for the life of me figure out wht Zoom works flawlessly, until a second person either joins my meeting or I join theirs. Every time I join somebody elses meeting or they join mine, the video keeps stopping, and its constant.


My webcam is a Canon G7X III on direct HDMI into the computer via an Elgato 4k HDMI Stick.

Windows 10, but the problem is the same on Windows 11 too.


Any help is greatly appreciated.



Hi Folks... Anybody got any help or ideas on this? This is why we refuse to upgrade and pay because Zoom provides NO support at all. We can use it because our camera's won't stay on within Zoom, but we cant get help because we don't have a paid account, so we're stuck in this loop...


Several months and zero views or comments...