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Cannot disable audio filtering on MacOS


MacBook Pro with M1 Pro CPU

MacOS: Sonoma 14.4.1

Zoom Version: 6.02


No matter what audio setting I use (and I've tried them all multiple times), it filters out sounds/tones that are not my voice. Easily duplicated when I test the microphone.  I'm using the built in microphone.

If I play the tones during a microphone test, the input level shows no sound is heard, but it shows my voice just fine.


If I use the web version of Zoom, it works fine and I cannot duplicate the problem. If I close Zoom and use

the Voice Memos app, it records all the sound it hears which is what I want (little or no filtering).


If I run the Windows version of Zoom in a Virtual Machine using Parallels, there is no problem either. It is only using the MacOS application.


The bug appears to be that filtering cannot be disabled anymore. I've been using Zoom on MacOS for over a year and this only recently became a problem about 3-4 weeks ago.


I've tried completely uninstalling Zoom, rebooting, reinstalling Zoom, but the problem is still there. I've even tried installing older versions of Zoom and nothing seems to resolve it. Very strange