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Can't see student in waiting room


This has happened a few times with one student and now it has happened with another. I can't see that the student is in the waiting room and it looks like I'm not there. The mom texted me at 7 past the hour, I suggested logging out and back into Zoom, but immediately, before they could do that, she appeared in waiting room. The student told me it suddenly said 'your host will let you in soon.' So it makes me look like I'm lying and wasn't in Zoom but just got in because she texted me. She said she was in there 12 min before the hour. Why is this happening? It started happening once I had to get the paid Zoom and I want my money back!



Hi @Tutor1 without analyzing the meeting, it is difficult to predict what might have happened. If waiting room is enabled and a participant joins the waiting room, the host will see this right away in the meeting's participants tab, where you would admit the participant. When a participant enters the waiting room, they are met with the message prompt "host will let you in soon." This could be a problem (delay) with the participants' connection to the meeting or vice versa. I advise opening a support ticket with our team to further look into what might have happened.


Here is more info on waiting rooms 

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