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Can't access a zoom meeting hosted by Investors Business Daily


I have a business trading stocks and i join a meeting daily called IBD Live hosted by Investors Business Daily. I don't need a paying account to listen, but because the meeting is so important to my success, I signed up for a ZOOM account on 5/9/24 and paid $169.89 (including tax). I still can not access Investors Business Daily's "IBD LIVE" meeting, and this is day #8 that I've missed this meeting. WHO CAN HELP ME AT ZOOM ??

I spoke with Investors Business Daily and they advised it's a ZOOM issue.  Zoom is unwilling to assist despite my having signed up for a paying account, which I haven't needed for the past 2.5 years I've been attending these meetings.  Any suggestions since ZOOM refuses to assist>

Thanks,  Sandy Shaw aka user name: sailtrade33