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Camera problems after last update of Zoom application


Hello there, I use Zoom for a long time with my external camera (Logitech Brio 4K HD 1080p). I have received Zoom app update notification last week and I updated the app. It is 5.17.11 version now. After I took this update, the webcam I use for last 4 years, doesn't work. It works actually but It has lots of stripes, stop and starts. My camera has no problem at all because It works perfectly on other video calls such as Google Meet, Skype. I also tried it on other Zoom app which is on my husband's computer. He didn't the the update and he uses 5.16.11 version. It works perfectly on his conputer. This Zoom update is broken or has a bug in it. It doesn't work properly. I want to go back to old version of the app but I don't know how. Can you pls help me? I have a meeting tonight and I have to solve it asap. Your help will be appreciated. 


Thanks and Best Regards



Same here.  Zoom v.5.17.11 killed my internal camera.

The camera worked fine minutes before with the prior version of Zoom that was installed.

I am guessing that the update aligns with the Facebook and GoogleHangOuts software update, that similarly killed my camera's ability to connect.

I find it frustrating when software updates cause problems, and the 'help center' only has troubleshooting to gaslight and pretend like it is a hardware issue.

Did you find a solution? I'm having the same problem.


I have the same problem with my Logitech webcam, but not on the built-in FaceTime camera and not on Google Meet. It's a problem of Zoom not talking to Logitech I think.