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Breakout video denied


Can anyone tell me why when I go into a breakout room (as attendee not host) I do not have the option to enable my camera.  This is on a Mac so the camera is built in.  It is fine on normal 121 meetings but just deny's camera when in a breakout room?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @Coachingonline,


Hard to day from the information provided. Were others able to start video, or just you? Were you able to start video in the main room of this meeting? Were you Joined using the Zoom Client app, or using the web interface.?  We know that joining via browser instead of the client still has some technical issues using Breakout Rooms. 


Hosts can set the option to not allow participant to start video without explicitly being requested by the host.  Did you ask the host to enable your camera?

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