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Break Out Room CSV file not visible when I upload.


I am using Safari.  I recently updated my Zoom software.  I also went on the advanced tab and selected breakout rooms and clicked all (4) options.  I want to manually select the attendees.  We have an event with a professor who wants (5) in each room with a trained moderator.  I downloaded the CSV template which used Numbers on my MacBook Pro.  I added the room names and email addresses.  I understand that each attendee needs to have an email address associated with their Zoom software on their device.   I wanted to preassign the breakout rooms since we have 15 rooms.  I uploaded the CVS file but nothing uploaded.  I saw that I could manually add each name again.  We have 76 names.  I then tried drag and dropping the file.  Still no luck.  I read the community conversation where they suggested I upload the template to confirm it was working.  Still no luck.  I then tried copying all of the information on Microsoft Excel but still no luck.    I am doing this on scheduled Zoom meeting, I click on options and upload the CSV file.  I have a Pro account.  Please help.   What am I doing wrong?