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Automatically splitting my recordings


Several recordings have split at awkward times.  None are split at a break during the meeting when it's paused.  It's literally in the middle of someone speaking.  And the new recording even has different settings than the first one.  Most recently it looks like this:  4 hours of gallery view, end of file but not done with the meeting, 11 minutes of spotlight view, end of my meeting.  Why start a new recording after 4 hours here, and in another meeting it did the same thing 7 hours in and split into a new recording for the remaining 35 minutes.  AND THEN one time it split three times in a 20-minute recording.   Like, what's the algorithm here?


And please no Bots or copy/paste "Zoom specialists" responding with check settings or how to get to settings, etc..  We're four years into Zoom being the norm, so trust me when I say it's not there or in any of the settings platforms because I've double-checked before EVERY meeting.  It's also not a storage problem.  After a recording is ready, I download immediately to three different backups and delete from the cloud bc my meetings are long.  Why is this happening?  It's not an internet, IP, VPN, firewall, antivirus, backup program, running programs problem.  You gotta believe me when I say I've checked off all the troubleshooting boxes. Legit help please.



I need help with this, too. Had a disaster yesterday: a 1-hour podcast interview was stored in the Cloud as 7 video files and 7 audio files. It's a mess and I'm upset. It doesn't look like they are neatly sequential so I'm not sure how I'm going to publish this interview.