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Automatically Recording Meetings


For training purposes we have set up that employees automatically record meetings because we often forget. We've been through the entire step by step process under the recordings tab and it's working great. The only issue we're facing now is that it's not necessary for all meetings to be recorded specifically internal meetings. I clicked the button under "Recording Notifications" > "Ask host to confirm recording" assuming that a pop up would appear where the host could confirm whether they would like to proceed with the recording or not and that is not the case.  Is there any other way to set up automatic recordings but the host be notified to confirm before proceeding?


Thank you!



Hi @cocofalv 


You can turn off auto-recording for individual meetings by going into the meeting settings as long as Auto-Record is not enabled AND locked by the admin. 


1. Go to Meetings. 
2. Click on Schedule a Meeting or click the meeting topic from the list of Upcoming and click Edit. 
Note: You can also select your PMI by clicking on the Personal Meeting Room tab.
3. Under Meeting Options, you can disable auto-recording


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Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Hi! Yesterday, I had a meeting over zoom that needed to be recorded but the only recording option I found was the automatic record. I clicked that, but now I cannot find my recording!!!!