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Automated captions/live transcription not working


Hi. The automated captions/live transcription does not work on my work Zoom account. The 'closed captions' function works fine but the live transcription  doesn't show despite having turned it on in account settings. I thought perhaps it was user error/I was enabling the function incorrectly so tried it on my free Zoom personal account and it works fine on that. Whatever I do though, I cant get it to work on my work account. I am on the latest version of Zoom so I don't think its that. Any ideas?



I have this issue as well, am sort of new to Zoom and enabled live transcription as an admin. When I try to use it it says that it is on, and a pop up appears saying that Live Transcription is on, but it doesn't generate any captions as I speak. Hopefully someone can help us with this!

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Its hard to say what the issue is without being in a meeting with you, but here are a few things to check: 

  • Make sure you are connected to computer audio and are unmuted. 
  • Make sure that you are on a fairly recent version of the desktop client, if not the newest available
  • Even though the notification says that live transcript is enabled, this is just an indication that someone in the meeting has enabled captions on their end. To make captions visible on your end as well, make sure to click the Show Captions button on your meeting control toolbar. 


I have the latest version of Zoom, and with this version, 5.12.0 (8964)

The captions are not working.  While enabled and show captions turned on, there is nothing.  This is true for my account and others that are very familiar with using the captions feature.

I have a deaf patient and just cannot figure out how to turn on auto captioning ... though it seems to be toggled on. Feeling stupid!


In the end, it turned out there were two places where you needed to toggle it on – both in the obvious place where you are likely to have done it, as well as within you "personal details" part at the top of the account settings. Hopefully, that helps.