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Auto save chat


I have auto saved chat set in my zoom account (pro) but I can't find the chats anywhere.  How can I find them? If it stopped working, does anyone know why? The settings are correct.  Really need access to my chats from last week.  Thanks!!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @mpa1980,


Are you using a Mac or Windows machine?


Do you have Cloud Recording enabled on your account? If so your saved in-meetings chats are stored in the cloud after the recording is done processing:


  • Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  • In the navigation menu, click Recordings
  • Click the Cloud Recordings tab.
  • Click the meeting topic.
  • This will show all files for your meeting. You can download, share, or delete the TXT file called Chat file.

If Cloud Recordings is disabled the in-meeting Chat should be stored on the computer where you hosted the meeting.


The file should be saved to your local recording location. The default is your Documents folder / Zoom / Folder with meeting name, date and time.


You can confirm the local recording location from your Zoom Client.


  • Launch the Zoom Desktop client.
  • Click your profile picture, then select Settings.
  • Click Recording.
  • The Store my recording at setting will show the current location.

You may also find the following support articles useful:


Let me know if this resolves your issue? If so, don’t forget to mark the reply as an accepted solution!



Hi Jared,

I have the same problem as the original poster of this issue.

I deliver training for a third party, they make me the host and have told me that the chat should save to my pc, it doesn't.

I have auto save chat enabled and other webinars that I run, which I have organised on my own zoom account, all save automatically to my pc.

Where is the chat going?



Dumb newbie question—where’s the navigation menu?


When signed into  your Desktop Zoom page, click on your profile picture on top right corner. It will open the Navigation Menu along the left hand side. See "Recordings" there. Did that work for you?