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Auto populate "Your Name" on join meeting as Guest




I'm currently deploying the zoom msi and cannot find an option to auto populate this option. Is this even possible via the MSI or must I join a meeting to first set it? Currently disabling all login options, as the end use will join as guest. Was hoping to set it to the hostname of the device. It currently sets it to the name of the user account that is running zoom.





Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @mtopps,


I'm not the MSI expert, but I do know that the Zoom client always uses the signed-in user's Display Name as the default name in Meetings and Webinars.  I think what you're specifically looking for is that if the user is not logged in to either the Zoom Client or the Zoom web interface, what can be done to provide a default input to the Name field of the Join a Meeting dialog box.  Maybe that tidbit of information might help you find the answer yourself; otherwise, I'd suggest having your internal Zoom account admin contact support by phone (assuming you have a Business, Enterprise, or Educational account).  Otherwise, if you don't get an answer here in the Zoom Community, try a Support Ticket here:


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Hi @Ray_Harwood,


Thanks for the explanation. However, these clients will be limited to guest only, and can only populate the name on the first meeting. I was hoping that a value was stored in a file, or could be set in MSI mass deploy, but I guess not. Thanks though!