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Audio - post Zoom share


I held a Zoom session yesterday and enabled the audio for screensharing. Now, I cannot access my audio for my computer. I cannot find the settings to fix this. Help. 




Hey @SMB1, can you please elaborate as to what you mean you're not able to access your audio from your computer? When sharing audio via Zoom Screen Share this pulls the audio source as to what you're specifically sharing. Are you sharing desktops, specific applications, files, etc.? 

Zoom Community Moderator

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When I set up my Zoom meeting yesterday, I wanted to share an audio clip (from YouTube) so I clicked something that allowed audio from my laptop during the screenshare.  All went smooth and my meeting was successful. I ended my meeting. 


Now, this morning, I entered a classroom on another portal and went to listen to the video recording. (not on Zoom).  I could view the video, but could not hear anything. I checked the mute/ audio settings on the Video and still no sound.  (I switched computers and was able to view/ hear the recording just fine.) So it is clearly something on my computer settings that I changed yesterday for the audio during a screenshare with Zoom. 


I do recall that Zoom indicated that if I share the sound on my screenshare, I would have to go back and change the settings. I went back in and could not figure out which setting this may be. There is a sea of settings! and nothing looked remotely familiar.  Any tips on what to change and where to find it?  Thanks!