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Audio file sharing with my students


Hi, After Zoom upgraded into a new version which currently use, all audio files I share with my students in class sounded either unclear or robotic sound. They are complaining about it and I tried to search for an audio setting but no good result.

Can you return my zoom to the previous version? Or give me any solution if you have, please.




It would be helpful if you can provide your Zoom version and system its running on (Win/MAC?)  You can downgrade to the previous version, but you'll need the installer of the previous version.


I would recommend the following links first:



Thanks, I will check link first and see if that solves the problem! 


I think I am having the same issue.  I have tried using an older computer and do not have the problem.  On my computer I have uninstalled and reinstalled zoom, updated all drivers and just did a complete reinstall of Windows.  Have you found a solution?  I was thinking that maybe there was a problem with the hardware on my computer.

Yes finally I deleted my current version and re-installed an old version and it worked! 

My students and I are happy 🙂

Although the update notice keeps coming. 

As MNASPIRAN suggests, going back to older version works. You can use this link (not hosted by zoom so not official)

But also, if you have 64-bit machine, use the 64-bit download, not the 32-bit. That also corrects the problem for me.


I hadn't thought of doing an install of a previous version.  It looks like tons of people with this problem so I am sure they will resolve it soon.  I wish I had seen this suggestion before reinstalling windows.  lol   For anyone out there with problems this is the link I used



Thanks for the suggestion.

Actually, I deleted the current version and downloaded the older version. And it worked.

Only the problem was that every time I opened Zoom, it suggested an upgrade.  If I ignore it, it tries automatically to upgrade and I have to cancel the process.