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Audio cuts out intermittently while in a meeting


On June 28 I started Zoom to join a meeting.  I always start the app early to validate my setup.  I'm running on a Win10 pc with external speakers and microphone.  I was forced to update Zoom before it would start.  I did the update and validated the setup.  A few minutes into the call my audio dropped out.  I left the call and joined again.  After a few minutes it dropped out again.  I left and rejoined a second time.  After a few minutes it dropped out again. 


I closed Zoom, uninstalled Zoom, downloaded the install program and reinstalled Zoom.  I rejoined the call and it worked until the call ended.  Today, July 6 I was on a Zoom call and the audio dropped out again.  I closed Zoom and rejoined the meeting three times.


This is unacceptable performance of a tool I use weekly.  Does anyone have any ideas as to what to try next?  The speakers and mike work fine with other applications.





в мене те саме, напишіть як вирішити цю проблему.