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Audio Test Failed for Bluetooth Speakerphone


My Zoom has been working perfectly from my laptop. Recently, I tried to add a Xiaomi Yuemi Bluetooth speakerphone but could not pass the Zoom sound test. The test sound does not come out of this device. Although I can play music from Spotify thru the same device.  The microphone test is fine too. Just no sound from the audio test. Any suggestions?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner


You can test it by setting on zoom audio using "same as system" please make sure your computer input or output already using your xiaomi speakerphone devices

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Hi Nafi,


Tnx for the suggestion. I tried it again and selected "Same as System" - No sound.  Sound comes out only when I select the laptop internal speakers. I can connect to this device via bluetooth and hear music from Spotify but not from Zoom. I can also connect to this device and use it's microphone instead of the laptop internal microphone. I ran the audio troubleshooter from Windows Settings but no difference. 


Anything else I could try?

I've tried my old MacBook Air and the Xiaomi Yuemi speakerphone works fine. Just that the audio does not work with my Windows 10 laptop. I'll try with another WIndows 10 laptop next to see see what happens.


My bluetooth speaker isn't working since a Zoom recent update.  I can hear out of my device audio but not my bluetooth speaker that is connect to my iPad.  All other audio plays out of the bluetooth speaker.


I have this same issue. External bluetooth things do not connect anymore.