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Assigning host to unlicensed user


Hello. I am a licensed user who will be setting up meetings that require recording and wait room settings. My colleague, who is an unlicensed user will be managing these meetings so I had planned to schedule the meeting, login and then assign them as host and leave the meeting. Will they continue to have all the same functions as I would have as a licensed user (i.e. wait room, recording, share screens etc) once I leave the meeting? 

Thanks for the help!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Grace_P –


Interesting question. Have you tried to do this yet? I will always recommend that you test it out before relying on any answer – mine included. Account settings vary widely, and might affect your actual ability, regardless of what you’re told. 

That said, it if my understanding that of you are a Pro user, you can designate anyone – including a free/basic user – to be a host, and when you leave the meeting, they maintain all the privileges that a host would normally have. Note that if the meeting crashes for some reason, the designated co-host can’t restart the meeting. Also, you will be unable to start another meeting while your original meeting was still in progress — you well be forced to either allow the ongoing meeting to be closed, or abandon the request to start the new meeting.


 Again, with this and most questions like this — just log on and try it. 

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Thanks for the tips @Ray_Harwood!