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Alternate Host Access to Meeting


My volunteer organization holds weekly writers workshops. We have two paid licensed users, myself and "X". We have only one meeting link that covers all of our workshops. X is not only a licensed user but I've made her an alternate host for the meeting (workshop). Yet when she goes into the zoom website using her now registered info, the meeting is not visible to her. The only way she can get into the meeting to lead it is to click on the link in the confirmation email you sent her. How can she access the meeting through the website?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



If you have calendar integrated with Zoom, all meeting participants should see the meeting invite on the Zoom App as well as your calendar and Zoom web portal.


Please explore this article:


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I am going out of the country for two weeks and I have asked someone else to teach my classes. How do I give him access to my account, let him lead the classes, put the recordings on my account, and generally fill in for me? 


Someone from Zoom contacted me and give me bunch of suggestions. The bottom line is I am still confused. I do not understand how to add a Host to my meeting. I cannot believe I am going to have to pay $199.00 per month to have someone host one meeting. There must be another way. Is there no way to speak to an actual human being and get some assistance here? (What is this Facebook?) Thank you.