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AirPod sound issues


I use a MacBook Pro (2015) and things were fine until I updated the software to the latest macOS Monterey. I teach classes on Zoom, my AirPods have now been making crackling and static noises for a few weeks. I hear the noise and unfortunately people listening to me talking also hear the same thing. At first it was only happening when I was sharing Spotify music in Zoom, it was like Zoom couldn't handle me using another application like a browser or Spotify without the sound becoming weird, but now it happens all the time no matter if I'm only using Zoom or other apps along with it, and sometimes the sound drops out completely so I can't hear anything (no music or people talking). Sometimes folks can still hear music I'm sharing (clearly, or static noise disrupting the music) but not my voice. I took the AirPods to Apple Store and they tested them, no problem with anything. They work just fine with all my devices except the combination of MacBook Pro + Zoom. SO FRUSTRATING. Anyone had this experience? Desperate for a solution, or it looks like I might just have to find a different platform than Zoom. 



I'm having the exact same issue. Have you found any solutions? I took my airpods Pro into Apple and they did a diagnostics and said they found nothing. They did a hard reset so I reconnected to Zoom and about 20 min into my session the listener starting hearing crackling sounds ... its really disruptive 

No solution yet, but it seems as the Monterey OS updates roll in here and there the problem is shifting to happening less aggressively, so I’m hoping it will keep changing and disappear altogether…? Ugh


My AirPods 3rd Gen (not Pro)  have intermittent issue with the iOS Zoom client, particularly with voicemail playback.


Sporadically, often frequently, the Zoom voicemail playback inadvertently switches from AirPods to iPhone Speaker right in the middle of playback.  Not sure if it's related to Bluetooth signal strength or Bluetooth profile changing, or some iOS thing or a specific AirPods compatibility issue with Zoom.  


One thing I notice is when I go to try to switch the [Speaker] output back to AirPods (on the Zoom voicemail player), the AirPlay device popup says the AirPods are already selected, even though the [Bluetooth] button already changed to [Speaker].  Re-selecting AirPods on the popup shows the spinning cogwheel icon, but it usually does not reconnect back to the AirPods.  Sometimes it just stays spinning and hung and never plays anything out of anywhere.


I often have to force-quit the Zoom iOS app just to get the voicemail to start playing back to the AirPods... or at all.  


Kind of unrelated to Mac OS, but might be an AirPods issue, since I never noticed issues with other Bluetooth buds.


I will probably report to Zoom Support if Community does not solve.


I am having this issue as well and it's so frustrating! Using AirPods Pro on a MacBook Pro (2015), and the issues started when I updated to the latest macOS Monterey as well, now updated to 12.5.1 (21G83).


I'll be connected to AirPods Pro while on a Zoom call, then I start hearing crackling and static noises and other people on the call say they can't hear me clearly. Then sound completely cuts out, but my MacBook's Bluetooth is still connected to AirPods Pro and the Zoom call doesn't automatically switch audio to the system's sound. I have to connect/disconnect Bluetooth or select/unselect AirPods Pro under Bluetooth for it to work again. Then the same issue happens multiple times in a row.


I went to the Apple Store and they said the issue is isolated to the Zoom app. They had me forget AirPods Pro on both my iPhone and MacBook, restart both my iPhone and MacBook, reset the AirPods Pro, and make sure that the most recent software updates were downloaded on my iPhone, MacBook, and Zoom before pairing again. I did all of this and the crackling and static sound is still occurring only on Zoom, even when making sure Bluetooth is turned off on other devices like my iPhone.


I have this problem when using Airpods with Macbook regardless of video conf platform (Amazon Chime, Google Meet, Teams, Zoom, etc.).  I figured out that if I turn bluetooth off on my iphone, the problem immediately goes it must be bluetooth interference from airpods also being connected to iphone.

Zoom Partner
Zoom Partner

I'm having the same issue using MacBook pro, airpod pro, and zoom.  After the latest update on Monterey, it is happening more frequently.  Especially when I end/leave one meeting and immediately jump into the next meeting.  Very frustrating when the other participants cannot hear you.


I am using windows 11 PC and having save issue.

Crackling noise when using airpods 3rd gen for zoom.


Having the same problem, crackling noise with AirPods only on Zoom.  Works fine with other apps


I am having the same issue with AirPods Pro 3 on M1 MacBook Pro Ventura.  This is isolated to Zoom.  No one from Zoom support has responded to any of these audio quality posts. 


Does it mean AirPods work ok for zoom on your MacBook Pro?

I just want to know if this issue is generally for everybody or only for some people.


Hey everyone,


Asif here. Man,


I've been pulling my hair out with a really irritating issue on my MacBook Pro (2015) since I updated to macOS Monterey. As a teacher who relies heavily on Zoom for my classes, this has been a nightmare. My AirPods, which used to be flawless, have started producing these annoying crackling noises, and it's not just me - my students hear it too.

Initially, the issue seemed to pop up only when I'd share Spotify music on Zoom. It felt as though Zoom wasn't playing nice with other apps. But now, this static-y disruption happens regardless of what's running alongside. Sometimes, the sound even conks off entirely - no voice, no music. Yet bizarrely, there are times when my students would hear the music I'm sharing but won't hear me at all. 🤷‍♂️

Took the AirPods to the Apple Store, and guess what? They work perfectly fine! Tested them on my other devices and they're all good. Seems like the problem child is the mix of MacBook Pro + Zoom. Anyone else in the same boat?

Any fixes?

Seriously contemplating switching from Zoom if I can't sort this out.

Help a guy out!

Hi All,

I found this forum after searching for static on airpods during zoom. I have the same issue but I'm using a PC tower with a USB blue tooth adapter. I was so excited to use the brand new airpods pro for work instead of a constricting headset, but the static on zoom made it impossible. Did anyone get a solution?


Also running into this problem. Sound works great for spotify, apple music, audio books, google meet, teams, gather, roam... every app i've used except for Zoom.
Idk why Zoom has these audio issues with Airpods but it is really annoying.


Hello everyone, replying hear to know if anyone has had any luck with this since posting?!


I'm having similar issues to those described; cackling, popping sounds, people can't hear me, audio drops out but stays connected, and it happens pretty frequently (i.e. multiple times during a 2 hour call).


This happens with Airpods Pro 2nd gen,  and additionally for me I've tried  with other bluetooth headphones (jabra elite active 65t, bose soundsport). Weirdly though I don't remember it happening with the other headphones until I bought and connected the airpods.


Audio works fine when listening to music through laptop, and tbh I haven't tried to use them on zoom with my phone.


From research, it seems like upgrading the MacOS doesn't help (I'm on a 2015 mbp with Moterrey 12.7.2 so reluctant to try this unless anyone else has had success. 


Has anyone had any luck, or can offer any solutions or things to try?!

Mine works if I turn off blue tooth on my nearby iPhone. It's such a hassle that I went back to Bose gaming headset for Zoom.

Thanks for getting back to me. Gah, that doesn't work in my case. Stupid things.