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After disconnection as Host (through Host Key), random participant is getting Host


If I get disconnected while as Host (internet connection lost), when I reconnect to the Zoom meeting, a random participant has been named as Host.  I have claimed the Host role through Host Key shared by the Owner of our group account. I am listed as an Admin on our group's account, with another person as the actual Owner of the account. During our Zoom meetings, this Owner person joins and gives talks (and is therefore too busy to do Hosting duties like muting people/keeping an eye on things which is why I do the Host duties). So I join the call as an Attendee, then "claim host" with the Host key. However if my Zoom session restarts after a connection loss, a random participant becoming Host is a huge problem because the vast majority of our users are only able to Join the call and that's about it. They are not tech-aware enough to "pass the Host Role" back to me. 


Please let me know how I can automatically get Host back (after connection loss)  if I have claimed Host by Host Key?  I also do not necessarily want to designate the Owner as co-host during the meeting, as he is usually giving a talk and I don't want interrupt him "in front of everyone" to have him pass me Host role back. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @LKC 

Assume you have a paid account with the same account as the host.
There are two ways to participate in a meeting scheduled by one host with host or co-host privileges.
1. ask to be added as an alternate host for that meeting.
If the meeting started before the host joined, you can become the host for that meeting. When the owner of the meeting joins, you can stay in the meeting with host privileges for the meeting unless the owner regains host privileges.


2. if you have been granted scheduling privileges, you can always join all meetings of that host as a co-host.