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Admin cannot see cloud recording


Hi there, 


I have the Zoom Pro licence. I am the one using the licence, but have added an admin with a basic account. Even though I have granted the role of admin, he cannot see any cloud recordings.
How and where can I change that?


I have been searching for answer for about an hour now and am still clueless


Best regards



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @thannemann,


Your Zoom admin can't see your recordings directly in your account, but can see all recordings for all users in the account in the Admin -> Account Management -> Recording Management menu.  if your organization has many users or many recordings, there are a variety of filter/search options at the top of the screen.


If your admin can't see this menu item, or if the screen is blank with no recordings present, let me know and I'll dig a little deeper.


Honestly, I didn't think a Basic account could even be an Admin... and I couldn't find any documentation that said it could, or could not, be done.  So I confirmed that one of my Basic accounts (used for testing Zoom functions) can view all of my recordings from all user accounts.  I learned something!  Thanks for asking your question completely yet succinctly.

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Hello! Having the same problem. I (admin) still can't see the recordings even if I was already given access in the recording management. How do we go about this?