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Adding Other People's Meetings to My Zoom Schedule


I have many zoom meetings in a day, but for most of them the host just puts their zoom number in the meeting subject (e.g., Zoom: 212.212.2121). They do not include the join zoom link. Is there a way manually, via API, or otherwise to get that meeting added to my zoom schedule so I can easily click to join it from the zoom app. 


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hey @brandmn15,


Thank you for your question. If most of your Zoom Meetings are set up like that, then it means anyone from your team can just pop in using the Meeting ID. Only the host of those meetings have the option of sending a Joining Link, you can ask for that link from them so you can include that in your calendar . There is no other updated way to get the Zoom URL from a meeting ID and passcode at this time.