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Add an alternative host to ALL organization member meetings by default?



Our org would like to be able to always have a "safety access" option in case a meeting's host is unavailable.

Is it possible to set up meetings to always have a specific alternative host?  E.g. we have a service account with a Zoom seat in our org we'd like to use.

To be precise, I am not talking about a "co-host" role, but rather an "alternative" host


E.g. an alternative host can start a meeting, whereas aa co-host cannot - per this article:

"Co-hosts also cannot start a meeting. If a host needs someone else to be able to start the meeting, they can assign an alternative host."


Is this possible to configure as a default for all meetings, e.g. in the org admin, or individual users' meeting settings?

Currently, I am using a Make scenario (fka Integromat) to update the Zoom events as event registrations come in through Calendly bookings.  This is gets the job done, but it wastes operations in Make on redundant updates (e.g. if twelve people sign up for an event, the Make scenario updates the same event twelve times).

Thank you! 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Prisma.


You're not likely to get much help with Make and Integromat here -- those are pretty specific.  But I can help you with some Zoom information.


No, it's not possible for an Alt-Host to be assigned to "all meetings" en masse.  Alt-Hosts must be assigned individually to each meeting they are to be an Alt-Host for.  You're probably aware of the restrictions for assigning an Alt-Host: must be a Licensed account and be on the same organizational account (one owner for the account).


Another approach to investigate is the use of Scheduling Privilege.  See this Zoom Support article for details: 


Scheduling Privilege is often used "bi-directionally", with an executive and an assistant each giving Scheduling Privilege to the other, which allows them to see each other's meetings, and even start each others meetings.  In some cases it is set up in "one direction", which allows certain function of the grantor to act on behalf of the grantee of Scheduling Privilege.


It is best to try this and test to see if this would give you the functionality you're looking for.


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