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A person can not join my meeting


Good evening, I am having trouble with a person who can not join my meeting. 
I have not done anything but whenever she tries to enter, the app does not allow her to join. 

Apparently she has good internet connection, so do i but i do not know what is happening. 

I would really appreciate if you could help me.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Here is my suggestion for the one user that can't join your meeting. Create a new test meeting and send the link to just that user. See if she can join that meeting. Please let me know if she can. One other item. For the meeting she can't join, does she get an error message or a notification explaining why she can't join the meeting? 

Thank you. 

Thank you Chris, I'll do that next time I have a meeting. 

I think she doesn't get anything because she hasn't spoken about that. 

I did what you recommended me and it worked. 

Thank you so much. My student could join a new "meeting" and everything went okay. 

I have no idea why she can not enter the other one, and she is the only one who is not able to do that.

i can not join zoom meeting