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4k camera to 4k resolution on video?


Can anybody tell me if I can get a 4k(UHD) resolution on video on zoom meetings with an additional 4k camera?
I did find HD resolution but couldn't find anything above that resolution.


Does zoom support 4k(UHD) video meetings?  
if yes,

1. how should my settings be?

2. Should I upgrade my plans?
3. Is there any limitations?

if no,

1. Is it due to a lack of technical skills or due to low demand?
2. what is the reason for not being able to use 4k video??



I believe zoom only supports up to 1080p for paid/business/enterprise accounts.


4k resolutions is usually done when live streaming to other platforms like youtube or vimeo.


Zoom is designed for meeting and the protocols it uses is not designed for a high end 4k resolution yet. 


Reason I can think of is, it is not the industry standard yet.


if you stream on 4k resolution, people in your meeting will be forced to view it on 4k too. thus some countries' internet bandwidth cannot cater to a high speeds.


Some computers also cannot view 4k, unless they have a 4k monitor/TV.



You can send a feedback to them to request for 4k though.



Just my 2 cents.

not true,  when it comes to seeing in 4k, it can be scaled,  if you can't receive in 4k,  the software managment can and should be able to downgrade the telecast.


its due to laziness on zoom management,  when you can get 1GB speeds from carrier like with my carrier Telus, I get 1GB up and down speed.   Zoom doesn't do 4k because they have reactive management instead of proactive managers.  Just lazy.  Also there is another company that does do 4k teleconferencing called TrueConf more for business but can be done for personal as well, not hard to set up and they have a free plan like zoom.