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49 gallery view on i3 9th gen



Intel i5 4th gen processors & i3 9th gen processors have same specs (4 core, 4 threads, L3 cash 6MB).

I have Intel i3 9100 processor and have 4 core 4 threads. but I cannot enable 49 gallery view. saying processor not support.  can enable 49 gallery view on i5 4th gen processors. but i3 9th gen cannot enable. how can I enable it?

Thank you.



Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hello @nishanr2 


An i3 and an i5 are different processors. As such, the i5 and higher can support 49 participant gallery view, and an i3 cannot. In this case the cores, threads, and generations are not what is focused on, it is the i3 vs. i5 and i3 is not supported. I hope this helps and please make sure to mark the solution as accepted if this information is what you needed. Thanks.

hi! my lenovo t450 have i5 5300U  and 8 ram  and I can't turn on 49 windows. However, my old laptop t410 has an i7 640m 8 ram and has 49 windows available. what do I need to do to run windows 49 on a new laptop?