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404 Error when attempting to download new Linux GPG key


I received an email from Zoom, which reads in part:


As an admin or owner of an account with users using the Zoom Desktop Client for Linux, we are reaching out to notify you that we will be retiring the current key pair used to sign the Linux client on November 2, 2022. To avoid service interruption, we advise that you ask your users to download and trust the new public key

Please follow the instructions below to download the new GPG validation key by 11/2/22 to avoid service interruption.

  1. Download from



However, the link is broken, giving me a 404 error. In addition, I received a follow-up email which contained a broken link to a support article on the topic.


What's going on?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

The link you posted downloaded the file for me when I clicked on it.