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What are Zoom Mail and Calendar?

The Zoom Mail and Calendar Clients allow you to view and manage your emails, as well as schedule and manage your calendar events, directly from the Zoom desktop client, further centralizing all your meeting, phone, chat, whiteboard, email, and calendar needs in one application. If you're still looking for support, browse our Zoom Mail and Calendar support articles or start a new discussion below!

Recent Activity

Dark Mode - Email

I have dark mode enabled on the desktop client for Zoom. However, when I access a message, I get a large white box around the body of the email. This doesn't happen anywhere else on the client. I can't seem to find any fixes or options to change this...

jlawalt by Newcomer
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I have one google account but a few sub calendars under that don't seem to be syncing up with my zoom app. Is there a way to ensure that all calendars under my google account are appearing in the zoom meetings section? Most of these have zoom links i...

@zoom bot uses an old email address...

Hello,This is so odd. When I use the @Zoom bot, it uses an old work email address, but when I schedule zoom meetings on my calendar or via the zoom dashboard, zoom use my current (correct) work email address. How do I know this is happening, because ...