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Zoom acuity ingtegration


My employer’s connection with Acuity has gone wrong. Zoom isn’t generating links recently which greatly affects her meetings.


We’re thinking this may have caused by the renewal of her license. She made me an alternate host in a webinar once and did not renew my license after as I no longer need it.


We’re wondering if that might be the reason the connection with Acuity has been upset. Even though we’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting my Zoom integration, it’s still not working as it should.


Meetings are no longer showing in her Zoom account when people book a meeting. Is there anything that we  need to do in this situation? How can I remove myself as an alternative host?



If you have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling then this is likely a shortcoming in the integration. Zoom provides an API but it's up to third party apps to build a robust integration. There are other scheduling apps available that integrate with Zoom. Looking through the Zoom marketplace one is option is Salepager, that lets you schedule and send invites for Zoom meetings. There are several options that would suit you but you should check the features and design of each to determine which you would want to use.