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Setting up Zoom meeting using a delegated Google Calendar



I work for a client whose given me delegated access to his Google Calendar (I don't have to log in using his own Google credentials). So my setup right now is I still log in to my own Google Calendar and use my own Zoom account (I believe I have the basic version).

My client has asked me to set up a Zoom meeting for him which will of course be added to his Google Calendar.

However, my problem right now is that my only options when I manage my Google Calendar, is to set up a Zoom meeting using my own account, which has very limited features: a waiting room that will require for the host to manually allow participants to join in (I won't be in the Zoom meeting), and most importantly, a meeting that has a time limit (the client's meeting could go past 2 hours).

Is there a way that allows me to set up a Google Calendar event using my client's Google Calendar that's delegated to my own Google Calendar, and my client's Zoom account? That way, he'll be the host to the Zoom meeting, and my only involvement is to arrange the Google Calendar event.

I'm hoping you can help me out.