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on zoom recordings and live webinar

I have a question I am putting in 5 courses today. I assume I give the live presentation on the date I gave, now I have cloud recordings so I should not have to give that class over and over for 50 days correct people can watch the recordings once I give the course live 1 time. I have mindfulness set for 5-5 Advanced CPR.AED?FIRST AID 5-6 Professional Event Planner 5-8  When I go into submit event planner it says I am giving CPR/AED/FIRST AID at the same time which is 2 days before. Do I have this incorrect?  MY PLAN ALL ALONG WAS TO GIVE THE COURSE 1 TIME FOR THE 50  DAYS AND THEN RECORDING CAN BE AVAILABLE. I CAN'T GIVE THE SAME CLASS FOR 50 DAYS LIVE. I AM ADDING COGNITIVE BEHAVIOUR PSYCHOTHERAPY ON 4-11 AND NEURO PATHOLOGY SCIENCE ON APRIL 12. CAN YOU PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF I CAN GIVE A LIVE WEBINAR 1 TIME UNTIL 50 DAYS ARE OVER AND I REINSTATE THE COURSE? tHE TICKET FOR NOT GETTING PUBLISHES CAN BE CLOSED BUT I NEED ANSWERS FOR THIS ISSUE. PLEASE EMAIL ME BACK ASAP.
Sincerely Dr. Lori J. Moralez