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integration of Zoom to other apps with a non-administration Zoom account


I am a marketing team member and I organize webinars using Zoom. I want to know who joins the seminars, so I need to collect information about the audience who attend the meetings. However, my Zoom account is a standard workplace account, not an administrator account, which means I’ve failed to create apps or use webhooks, and I can't connect to automation tools like Zapier. I’m out of ideas, so could you please suggest a way to do this?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @miclarity.


Much of the information you want is available in the various reports available out of the Zoom Web Portal, and I think most of what you want is available to you as the webinar "owner".  If there are admin-level reports you need, your Zoom Admin should be able to give you access to the reports.


Note that Zoom does not collect all of the data by default.  It's important how your registration is set up, and if knowing who attended is critical to your operation, you should consider using the more robust authentication capabilities of Zoom Sessions or Zoom Events, which also have expanded reporting capabilities beyond the regular stand-alone webinar.


Can you share more information, or reach out to me via via Z-SPAN or GoodClix

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