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Zoom Webinar Pass Custom Fields or Data


I am working on an integration for my company where we have many recruiters that set up webinars for virtual campus tours. We utilize webinars for these events and I am building an integration using webhooks. This will allow for webinar details to send a webhook payload to an endpoint that will create a Campaign for us in Salesforce.

We need to be able to pass over some custom fields/data about the event that are not relevant to the end-user directly, but determine how the end result gets routed and configured in Salesforce.

For example, we need to pass over a field that tells us the type of recruiting effort this is going to be. Is this going to be OnCampus, or Online.  Rather than having a custom question where we ask the registrant this, we are trying to set it up in a way where the specific webinar they register for has a hidden hardcoded type so they aren't selecting anything on the registration form, but it's a value that is sent over with it and stored in the webinar record. Think of this as adding a hidden input field on an HTML form. It would have a name and a value.

Now, I am aware of the scheduling tracking fields, but these look to be account level specific with limits of 10 per account. I need something more at the webinar/meeting level. A good place for this could even be the custom questions section on the registration form with a type of "hidden" where we just provide a name and a value, that way its already part of the "form" and sent over with submission.

Perhaps as an end-user, something like this exists but I am not aware of it or its not currently enabled.
Does anyone have any ideas? 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @carlhussey 

Unfortunately, there are no hidden questions or fields available for registration in Zoom directly.  

This might require a custom registration page, so I would suggest checking the DevForum to see if there are any existing ideas you can use to suit your needs.  


Hi @carlhussey 


We have a Zoom Webinar to Salesforce integration that might work for you. We would add a custom workflow to your integration so that we would update fields on your Salesforce automatically based on the webinar that they have registered for. 

Let me know if you want to discuss further. Anita