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Zoom+Hubspot Registration Required?


Hi Hubspot Zoomers!


I am using Zoom Events with Hubspot and about to launch my first live webinar. I have used the attached user guide to integrate the two (in case you do it differently so your advice might not match how I use the system!) and I now use Hubspot forms to get everyone registered into my Zoom webinar.


My question is what will happen next?!


I switched off the Registration Required because I have already registered them on my form, yet when I follow the link on the automatic email it still asks for their First Name, Last Name and email address. So how does it tally up who has registered and who has attended if someone uses a different email address (we block gmail on our forms, but Zoom doesn't).


Will they still have to download the Zoom app or can they just watch it in their browser? Again - if on app, what happens if their Zoom login is different to the one they have used to register?


I'M NERVOUS! Can you tell?