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Zoom Events - turn off authentication


I am just getting started with zoom events and I am trying to set up a webinar. I want people to have to register in advance, but it looks like people have to authenticate themselves with zoom (either via a one-time passcode sent via email or having an account with zoom) before they can register. Is there a way to turn that off? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @mikegibb.


Honestly, the options for Registration increase every update with Zoom Events, primarily because the needs vary so much.  My first recommendation is to set up a small Test/Demo event and play with the options until you get what you want.  Without asking you a zillion questions, I probably can't give you a formula approach to your registration that will satisfy your needs.


That said, Zoom has historically required some form of authentication to ensure that "nobody gets in that isn't properly authorized."  That requirement has been easing in the last couple of releases with options to "just let anyone in who has a link".


I'd probably start here:


Create a "New Event Access", call it something useful, possibly set it as default, do NOT check the "Attendees will be required to authenticate" checkbox, select which Ticket Type will be granted on registrations, and click the blue Create Event Access button.


This will result in the addition of the highlighted access here:



Note that checking the Attendees will be required to authenticate checkbox expands the following options:


Hopefully that helps!


I highly recommend subscribing to the Zoom Events Release Notes pages:

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