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ZOOM file output question with use of vMix


 A test was done using vMix to stream a ZOOM call with it's ZOOM integration tool, with ZOOM enabled for recording. In reviewing, the output of ZOOM recording's video is smaller.


I've attached a file where example 1 where vMix was set to record the ZOOM stream not record. 
Example 2 is set where vMix is set to stream the ZOOM call and not record.

I'm not sure why in example 2 we see the video smaller?

I'm using a HP Laptop,  ZOOM version 5.17.10 (33775),  No error code displayed and reporting what I"m seeing from the ZOOM recording on the website.  I already contacted vMix, and got as far as correcting the connection with ZOOM and vMix, so what remains is getting help with correcting the ZOOM output