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Why would someone complain about this?

Contributor I
Contributor I

I don't have any information about the type of device, alas. But I am very curious about what the registrant described below could have been doing. We had a webinar set up with registration that sends the confirmation and reminder emails. In those emails we instruct the registrant to click/tap the big, blue "Join Webinar" button to attend the webinar.


The person who was signed up complained:

"The code didn’t work for [the webinar]. It was in a loop sending me to register. I was already registered that’s how I got the code I hope you get the problem fixed before [the next webinar]."


What could this person have possibly have been doing? I guess I need even more instructions for people who need additional help.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Librarycat.


This situation happens often enough – typically it’s because they are logged into a different account than the one they registered with. Usually I ask them to log out of the Zoom Web interface and try again.

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