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Webinars 'host does not allow panellist cameras'


I just did my 100th zoom webinar and for the first time Zoom had disabled panellists' cameras, it said the host (me) needed to un-disable them. So instead of having a nice warm-up chat before hand I had a stressful few minutes trying to find the setting to do that.


This is not the first time Zoom has changed the settings. It also disabled the "1 week reminder". Why is Zoom the only software company I know which changes settings without informing people? And for such a stressful task as moderating a webinar! 


I made this screenshot to show where the setting is to change it - although if this situation happens to you, I guess you will be lucky to find this post in 2 minutes. Open the 'participants' box, go to panellists tab, then tick on 'allow panellists to start video'.