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We did a zoom webinar and have it recorded. It was a paid webinar and we would like to re-broadcast the recording. We would like to charge for it. Is this possible?

From what I can tell it doesn't look feasible to charge for it. I think I'm supposed to edit the original and make it "On Demand" and can have people register but have no way to bill them?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @whburland,


There are many places on the Internet where you can upload files and charge for viewing. Zoom doesn’t currently provide such a service, that I’m aware of. When putting video online for paid viewing, I do recommend editing the raw Zoom video to make it as professional looking as possible.


While I haven’t personally put video online for pay-on-demand viewing, one of my clients has had reasonable success with Vimeo’s OTT service to provide a series of classes to the public. She recorded the sessions according to my guidance, I downloaded the raw Zoom video and did post-recording editing, and she took care of the rest. She’s not particularly technical but worked here was through the process with few issues. 

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