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Webinar with no required authentication still requires user to enter email address


I have the ability to create webinars on my account.  I've successfully created the webinar with "Authentication" NOT required and only requiring the webinar passcode.


When a user goes to, they can enter the Webinar ID and click [Join].

Then the "enter password" dialog appears where they enter the Webinar Passcode and click [Join].


But then, despite having set it for NO "Authentication", it still prompts the user for their email address!


How do I have it stop prompting for their email address?  NOTE: I have found that the email address isn't validated; it just has to look like an email address.  But it would be preferable -- since NO "authentication" was specified -- that the user not have to enter an email address at all.



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @NPWard  

I believe this webinar is scheduled without registration (screenshot 1) , if that's the case then attendees will be joining webinar manually and then will be required to enter their name and email address upon joining. This information will be available for you to view in the webinar reports.


This support article covers joining zoom webinar for attendees, here

This support article covers scheduling webinar with registration, here and with that type you can collect additional data from attendees and after the attendee registration is complete they will get webinar invitation link.


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Is there any way to turn off the email requirement for a webinar? I do not want to ask for email addresses or names. thank you.


Hi. Did you ever find a way to let attendees join a webinar without the email requirement?



Were you ever able to host a webinar with not asking attendees for an email address when they join the webinar?