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Webinar series with same ID, but different topics?


I'd like to set up a recurring weekly webinar series where there's a different topic every week. If I set it up as a recurring webinar, for individual sessions, I can change the description, but not the Topic.

It would be nice to set the panelists per-occurrence as some of them change from week to week. If I set these up as individual webinars, the meeting ID and link would change.


On the list of upcoming webinars, only the topic is shown, not the description, so there's no indication what the specific webinar will be about.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @neve,


I created a test webinar series and looked for ways to change the names of the individual sessions -- no matter where I went, that was greyed out or just "un-editable text".


While it's a good bit more work, this is the sort of thing a Zoom Events "Conference" is good for.  You can set up multiple individual "sessions" (each session is a meeting or a webinar), and the attendees get a "ticket" for the entire Conference, with access to each session.  Each session can be automatically recorded, and the recording available to any registrant through the "Lobby".  There are a few other benefits to the Conference approach. 


One current drawback is that a Conference can only have 6 days of scheduled events; they can be consecutive, or spread out.  If you have one session every week, you could schedule 6 sessions... but then you'd have to have a new Conference for the next 6 weeks.


If you're interested in seeing what a Zoom Conference looks like, I can show you one I put together in early May.


Lastly, one of the groups I meet with has the same issue... wanting to use the same Webinar ID for multiple sessions with different topics.  They get around this by completely customizing their Zoom email details -- which (again, unfortunately) has to be done at that account level.  There is limited customization available at the per-meeting level.


You could make a Feature Request to Zoom Staff here:

Feature Request: 

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Thanks for the response. Zoom Events seems like overkill. This is just a University departmental seminar series with about 50 remote attendees. 
It might be nice to be able to reserve a few meeting IDs for re-use. 
In the past, I've re-used webinar IDs by taking a finished webinar, and changing the dates and details to re-use it for the next webinar. This works, but is a pain and can't all be done ahead of time.

Ryan - I use Zoom webinar with recurring sessions over a 4 week period on Thursday afternoons doing something similar for about 50 to 100 remote attendees. They can register for one or all sessions, receive reminder emails, and not have to update too much.  However, I have encountered issues with the Webinar functionality in a few places such as the description box will not allow enough characters and you cannot "customize" fonts, paragraphs, etc. to adequately describe the overall series and the individual sessions within the series.  In addition, I have to go in to the webinar settings and change our panelists each week inviting them to join on Mondays. 

And I agree, the Zoom Events is overkill for what I am doing and similar to what you are doing. I would be happy if there was information on character limit or a character counter for the description box... unfortunately Zoom has hidden this well, and I am tired of the treasure hunt.