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Webinar- Sign Language issue while using a powerpoint presentation


I am hosting a webinar and will be using a sign language interpreter. Two of the presenters are using a powerpoint presentation. When they screenshare the SLI screen becomes very small. Is there a setting that allows the SLI be at 50% and the powerpoint at 50%. Any help would be appreciated as I need to make the SLI as large as possible during the presentations> Thanks


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello Con,


There isn't a setting here that would set a 50/50 split; however, you can set the attendee layout to "Side-by-Side: Gallery". This will allow the attendees to control the ratio of screen share to webcams. For more information on side-by-side mode, please click here.


If you do housekeeping at the beginning of your webinar, you can then instruct your attendees on how to control their side-by-side view. 


Hope this helps!

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Please ask Zoom to enhance the product to include native Sign Language interpretation options... you can post your request here: Feedback - Zoom.
Sign Language interpretation should be on par with spoken language interpretation instead of relegated to workarounds like spotlighting that make it difficult to use and have limitations.

Zoom... Thank you for solving this sign language interpretation challenge as requested... you have greatly improved the user experience in this regard.