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Webinar Registrant Count is Wrong


When I'm reviewing our registration, in the Zoom portal it says we have 73 registrants however when I pull the report, it only has 15 people recorded as registering for the session, can anyone tell me why this happening?



When you're pulling your report, are you selecting:
Step 1:Report Type (Registration Report)

Step 2:Choose Webinar (check your dates/titles carefully)

Step 3:Generate Report (All Registrants)


Those are the selections I make at each step and haven't encountered the issue you're describing. 


If you're instead pulling the Attendance Report on Step 1, you may only be seeing those who actually attended. If that's the case, try checking both boxes under Step 3:Generate Report and you should see all who registered but didn't attend.


Hope that helps!


I am having the same issue - when I pull the Registration report from Reports>Usage Reports>Webinar>Step 1: Registration Report>Step 2: Choose Webinar Date>Step 3: Generate Report: 

Step 3: Generate Report - selecting All Registrants 
All Registrants - Approved Registrants -  Denied Registrants
Generate CSV Report
When I open the downloaded report I am missing customer who previously registered and not seeing those who registered previously. Yet the registration count is accurate.