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Webinar | Integrating AI in Higher Education: Navigating Challenges and Shaping Policy

Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Webinar | Integrating AI in Higher Education: Navigating Challenges and Shaping Policy


As Artificial Intelligence becomes increasingly integral to higher education, institutions face both unprecedented opportunities and significant challenges for both administrative and academic use cases.

This webinar brings together IT professionals from the University of Chicago and Virginia Tech University to discuss the integration and management of AI technologies in academic and administrative contexts.

Drawing upon recent insights from the 2024 EDUCAUSE AI Landscape study, our panel will explore critical topics such as developing robust acceptable use policies, addressing ethical considerations, and ensuring equitable AI deployment. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the current AI trends, potential risks, and strategic approaches to harnessing AI technology responsibly in higher education settings.


  • Identify Key AI Trends: Understand the major AI trends impacting higher education as outlined in the 2024 EDUCAUSE AI Landscape study, focusing on both academic and administrative applications.
  • Develop Acceptable Use Policies: Learn the critical components of effective acceptable use policies for AI technologies to ensure they align with institutional goals and ethical standards.
  • Address Ethical and Equity Challenges: Gain insights into the ethical considerations and equity challenges surrounding AI in higher education, including strategies to mitigate bias and promote inclusivity.
  • Strategic AI Integration: Discuss strategies for the successful integration of AI tools that enhance learning outcomes and operational efficiency without compromising privacy or security.
  • Foster Cross-Institutional Collaboration: Explore how institutions can collaborate to share best practices, develop common standards, and collectively address the challenges posed by AI technologies.

This webinar is a part of the EDUCAUSE Industry Insights series. Sponsored by Zoom & AWS



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