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Stange limitations to Branding Section


1) Unable to view speakers section of a registration form in mobile view?! How come?! )) Due to what strange logic? That should be an easy fix.


2) Digging further: Shouldn't speaker section go after the description and before the registration fields?! (So you could come by the link, and then watch+read, and after that enter your precious information to the form fields, then hit submit)


3) This one is not as obvious and has a work around yet is not as straight forward as could get: When you add speakers information you actually should be able to disable photos section to it, however you can overcome this by adding white squares instead of photos 200x200px - which works in a way. There will be, a problem thou! 


4) Potential problem with lack of photos: So lets assume we've got our feature to show speakers section on mobile devices. Good! But we've got 10 speakers and no photos for them: this way we end up having either strange PLEASE ADD PHOTO kinda thing before the name etc. either (if you use a work around i've mentioned previously) youll have a 200x200 hole then a name then a hole and so on.




Thank you! looking forward to get this updated as adding lots of speaker to Description section is not and option due to character limitations and the fact that you will have this info displayed just everywhere....