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Setting Attendee View in Webinar - not working


Hi - the host default for Attendee view for a Webinar is Speaker right? If I change that in the session to Gallery View and Attendee to view Host View - it still shows Gallery to Participants BUT Attendees are on Speaker View - how do I control their view and how as host can I also be hidden - so host + 4 Participants - I just want the 4 of them on Gallery View - screen split into 4 - for Attendee view too - please help as this is not working - have tested. 

Thanks Paula  


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi, Paula. I believe you want to use the option "Follow Host's View":


  • Follow Host's View: Participants will see the same view that the host is using, whether active speaker view or gallery view. If the host is sharing their screen, the attendees will have side by side mode with the host's share and the active speaker's video. The attendees can adjust the share and video size.



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