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Separate Zoom guests in OBS Studio Virtual Camera


I have a OBS Studio scene set up with 3 separate rectangles that I would like to display my webcam and the webcam of 2 different Zoom guests. Is this possible? I got it to work relatively poorly by using a window capture of the Zoom window. Is there a way to get the guests raw video stream in OBS rather than cropping a window capture?



There are a few ways to do it.
How we do it: 
-use a machine per participant (pin user)
-use zoom NDI bridge
-use ZoomISO

And cheapest way is a 'portion of screen' in OBS per user.

Hope this helps a little

Thank you! Do you have any links for tutorials of these 3 options?

I don't know if you know what NDI is. But simply said: video over local network.
find on youtube 1000's of tutorials, or join a community on facebook to learn quickly.

-NDI bridge is a  paid software solution for windows for capture participant isolated in 720p

-ZoomISO also, but for macOS and in 1080p + more advanced automated solutions

I should also mention that the three people on the Zoom call are not at the same location so I don't think using different machines is a possible solution?

I understand.
So pin user A on machine 1
Pin user B on machine 2
Capture those persons via cables to the OBS machine, or via NDI.
NDI will be the free solution, but if you don't know NDI, spend a week to find out. 

You can also multispotlight the 3 persons, and capture a portion of screen/speaker in OBS to make a nice composition